Friday, June 1, 2018

A FFO and stuff

I actually finished a thing:
Jumbled Summer by Pine Mountain Designs. It comes as a finished pillow cover with the stitchable panel; I couldn't find a pillow form of the correct size, and the one I'm using for now is a bit big, but I still think it turned out pretty cute. I don't have a lot of summery things stitched, so that was my motivation for finishing this one!

And a couple of curiosities:
This is an Eight-spotted Forester moth. I found it on my front porch and moved it to my lilac bush to snap a picture. I love it's feathery orange leg accessories!

And finally, here is a piece of driftwood that looks like a hand. ๐Ÿ˜€
Found during my last business trip, on the shore around Puget Sound. Ironically, I found it right next to an historical site of an old lumber mill, where there was an informational sign that talked about how often people would lose fingers and hands while working the huge saws...

Monday, May 28, 2018

May Smalls SAL & etc

It appears that Stitching Lotus may be taking a break from blogging, or has moved on to other things, but I'm still going to keep up with the Smalls SAL. My Small for May:
I stitched the turkey block on Blue Ribbon Designs "Frolic in the Foliage." I'm still really enjoying this piece. Because of life and yadda, it's the only thing I've worked on this month, excepting about 5 stitches put into a travel project, so continuing to make progress on it is even more satisfying.

In other stitching news, I'm Blogger of the Week; thank you, Jo, for asking me to participate! I'm really honored.

Real life stuff ahead...

The month has been crazy and stressful, mostly due to work. Also, my son graduated from his two year college and is preparing to move to a four year university to finish his degree, which is exciting but also stressful in its way.

The worst thing that has happened this month, though, is that my dog has gone blind. In retrospect, I think it's been coming on for a little while, but within the last three weeks he's become completely blind. Runs into things, doesn't know treats or toys are in front of his face unless you touch them to his nose, only knows where people are if they make noise.
My sweet baby
He's not old - only 6 years old. My usual vet couldn't find anything obvious, such as trauma or cataracts, so I've been referred to a vet optometrist specialist. The earliest they could get him in is the first week of June.

It's really sad, and I'm really sad, and tired. But I think if I can just make it through June, life will level out for a little while. The work project from hell will be done, I'll have answers about my dog, and most of my son's college transfer logistics will be worked out.

I don't want to end on such a down note, though, so I'll just add that my son and I saw the Han Solo movie this weekend, and it was awesome. No, it's not ~epic~ and ~meaningful~ like the other Star Wars movies, and no, Alden Ehrenreich is not Harrison Ford. But it's a great adventure story that has fun with the Star Wars universe and the characters, Ehrenreich is charming and idealistic in a believably young-Han-Solo way, Donald Glover is a fantastic Lando Calrissian, and seeing where the character comes from and how some of the iconic Han Solo elements came together is just hugely engaging. I am definitely going to see it again soon.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


I don't think I ever posted a photo of this - it's the first Lavender and Lace design I ever stitched, and the first project I stitched for myself instead of to give away. I started it in 1997, and finished it about 10 years later.
Angel of Autumn, stitched on 32 count Natural linen
One of these days I plan to do Angel of Winter - I have the supplies, just need to finish some WIPs and get motivated to start something big...

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Between work, stress, and sore hands/wrists, I am not getting much stitching done lately. I'm working on the next square of "Frolic in the Foliage" with the goal of having it done by the end of May, and also working on not beating myself up for not doing more.

I have been reading quite a bit, though. Yesterday I received the 2nd book in the Murderbot Diaries novella series:
These are sci-fi books about a cyborg security android that took control of itself and *could* have gone on a killing spree, but instead decides to watch thousands of hours of streaming entertainment while taking aloof care of the humans it has been assigned to guard. In the second book, it has left to search for answers about its dark past.

These books are quick, engaging reads, with a great sense of both humor and adventure, and a Murderbot who you can't help but love.

I've also been to two used book sales, and spent about $20 on the following:
It's all mystery, history, biography, and philosophy, with one sci-fi classic thrown in. There wasn't a whole lot of sci-fi at either sale that appealed to me. I'm having second thoughts about the Dorothy Gilman books - they're a bit twee - but we'll see.

Mmmmm, books.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

April Smalls SAL, etc

For Heather of Stitching Lotus's Smalls SAL, I stitched another square of Frolic in the Foliage by Blue Ribbon Designs, the square with the two birds:
I also finished a little needle book that came as a free kit with the May 2016 issue of Cross Stitcher magazine:
I started it last year, but put it aside because the Aida cloth that comes with those kits is the worst - so incredibly stiff. I should have swapped it out for something else, but I guess I was lazy. ๐Ÿ˜ณ It came with the ribbon and peach felt for the cover of the book, plus light blue felt for the pages. Even if it was frustrating to stitch, it turned out pretty cute.

Also, a friend of mine and I were at Michael's and spotted those "paint with diamonds" kits; she loooooves bling, so we both got one and worked on them yesterday. It was fun! Though, my own decor style doesn't run to a lot of bling so I probably won't do more.
For this one, the only area that needs the little 'diamond' thingies is the large butterfly. I'm about half done.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Joyful World: September

Another month down on the 2016 Snowflower Diaries free SAL "Joyful World":
And the whole shebang thus far:
I feel a bit like September is a bit 'under-dressed' compared to some of the others, but I'll see what I think once I complete the other months before I fuss with it.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Discounts from the big box store

Evidently Hobby Lobbys (across the U.S., anyway) are marking down craft stuff, and I finally found one in my area that had made it to the cross stitch aisle in doing mark-downs.

I've been eyeing the Thea Gouverneur and Riolis kits for a couple of years, but couldn't bring myself to spring for them even with a 40% off coupon. The Lanarte owl kit will be my first full coverage project. Those kits run $40 - $45 each full price; I got them for $9 - $11. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

And I got the bag for a friend's mom, who loves owls, for $5.50! The other items cost between $0.50 - $1.50 each.
Regular retail value is over $200; it all cost me $58. Woo hoo!

Friday, March 30, 2018

March Smalls SAL post, and ARGH frog

For Heather of Stitching Lotus's Smalls SAL, I stitched another square of Frolic in the Foliage by Blue Ribbon Designs, the owl square:
This square had one of the elements that drew me to the design: I love the color shading on the diamond-shaped tree.

So, I didn't make any mistakes stitching the above March square, but I feel like that's the only thing I haven't messed up lately. I'm making counting mistakes all over the place, and it's really frustrating. The latest:
I have to pick out everything circled in red. It's all off by two stitches. The tree is also off, but it won't be very noticeable so I'm going to leave it.

It might not look like much, but I'm stitching this on 36 count fabric. The stitches are tiny and not easy to snip. AND I've already picked out and restitched some of those triangles once.


The frog can leave me any time now, thanks.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Lizzie Stitching Wallet finished

I decided to put the wallet together before stitching the scissor fob. All of the pieces are put together by hand, no sewing machine involved. My hand-sewing is slightly more atrocious than my machine-stitching skills, so it's certainly not perfect. But I'm still really pleased with it!

The wallet closed:
I restrained myself from going out and buying new scissors just for this, partly because I like how the purple ones I already have look. But! I did find a cute little hummingbird needle threader that I bought to tuck into the pocket:

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

WIP Progress

Lizzie Stitching Wallet:

I fixed the error on the interior piece of the wallet (the center motif was too far to the right).

I also finished parts 9C and 9B of the design. They are the pocket, which will go beneath the right-most motif shown above:
And the strap:

At this point, all of the wallet pieces are stitched. Part 10 is a scissor fob. I don't know if I want to pause to assemble the wallet, or stitch the scissor fob first...

Thursday, March 1, 2018

August finished

I finished The Snowflower Diaries Joyful World SAL "August" this morning before work.
I like how it turned out. I changed a white butterfly to the Monarch - white doesn't show up well on my fabric, so I thought I'd stitch my favorite autumn butterfly. I got a bit excessive in the details, but with all of the pops of color and detail in the rest of the months I don't think it stands out too badly. I did try to balance things a little in this block by adding a tiny bit of backstitch to the blue and white butterfly (or is it a dragonfly?) on the right. And the darker bunch of flowers on the right helps too, I think.

I've picked out most of the center motif of the Lizzie Stitching Wallet interior. I've also worked out where the motif needs to be, so when I'm less annoyed and ready to restitch, I will know where to start.

Since it's March 1, I can pull out my Smalls SAL piece and work on the third block. Is it ridiculous that I'm really excited about that? I guess limiting my work on that project to one small section per month makes it feel like a special treat.

A FFO and stuff

I actually finished a thing: Jumbled Summer by Pine Mountain Designs. It comes as a finished pillow cover with the stitchable panel; I co...