Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Drive-by thread post

You guys, Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe thread is amazing. I ordered from her for the first time, and just received the threads, and wow.
Look at those colors! And they're 20 yard skeins; each costs about the same as a 5 yard skein of GAST. My selection of GAST and WDW threads looks painfully puny next to these guys, particularly given how much I've spent on them.

*flaily hands of glee*

EDIT: This is the Autumn Splendor collection. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

August Smalls SAL post

My August small for the Smalls SAL, run by Heather of Stitching Lotus.
I stitched up "Rats!" from the Just Cross Stitch 2016 Halloween issue, pattern by The Stitcherhood. It's on a hand-dyed 14 count Aida, dyer unknown. I received the fabric in a stitchy exchange run by Under the Sea Fabrics, though it doesn't seem to be a UtS fabric. :D

I plan to do a few little Halloween silhouette patterns on this fabric, and then finish them all as ornaments. I've already started a second Stitcherhood pattern, from the JCS 2015 Halloween issue, "Black Crow."

On the theme of Halloween, I've made progress on "Happy Halloween":
In fact, I've made even more progress since I took this photo. I fixed the right-side gray border of the box with the pink vertical stripes and finished a small box next to it; I finished the green box below the lower case 'a', and started the 'H' at the beginning of the word 'Halloween.'

I've made so much progress on this because I've given up trying to keep up at all with the Joyful World SAL. :(  I want to finish "Happy Halloween" before Halloween this year more than I want to stress about finishing a Joyful World pattern each month. I still love the designs, and I do plan to finish it, but...later.

So that's me in stitching right now.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Two things. Wait, no, three.

R.e. a couple of responses to my Blogger issues: I do remain logged into Gmail and Google+, but it doesn't seem to...I don't know, be recognized? by Blogger. I've even tried manually logging in via the Blogger reply function, but that doesn't work either. It's really weird. I might look into using OpenID - see if I can reply that way without ending up as a no-reply commenter.

Why so difficult, technology? :(

And, I wanted to share something that I'm super giddy about, because stitchers are pretty much the only people I 'know' who won't look at me funny.

I had a stressful week (not the thing I'm giddy about) and I did some therapy shopping (ok, not giddy about that either), and I bought some stitching stuff.

I found the Lizzie Kate "Hats Off to Halloween" (first version) on a stash sale Facebook page for $5, and I snapped it up. Yay! It's this one:
Isn't it cute?? I've been wanting it forever.

EVEN BETTER THOUGH: I discovered TheThreadGatherer on Etsy - the maker of Silk 'n Colors. I ordered these:
Smoke Stack and Fairy Moss. AREN'T THEY PRETTY? Seriously, I have never been so excited about thread in my entire life.

They're both destined for Ink Circles patterns. Smoke Stack will be used for A Spirited Mandala:
I was gifted the pattern in the Under the Sea Fabrics Summer Mystery Box exchange. I'll either stitch it on the fabric shown (it's PTP Voodoo, which I have in opalescant, but I have to check if the piece is big enough) or on UtS Dreamsicle, which is a bright yellow-and-orange.

Fairy Moss will be used for Four de Lys:
Not sure what fabric I'll use yet.

Of course, I have several WIPs I have to finish before I can start these. Never mind other projects I also have been wanting to start. I'm suffering a bit from start-itis and stashaholism I think.

AND...there is a huge arts and crafts fair this weekend, and I'm going to be scouring the potters' and ceramicists' booths. Every year I go to the fair and look at the yarn bowls and think "I need to learn to knit or crochet so I can justify buying one of those." Well, I learned to knit this Spring, so guess what I'm going to buy this weekend? Yasssss!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend coming up, and now I need to go try to 1) off-set my coffee buzz with some food and 2) work. *waves*

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Finish, and flashback, and Blogger

I'm in the mood for all Autumn/Halloween all the time right now. I know stitching autumn-y stuff won't bring the cool weather any faster, but still!

I pulled out the Lizzie Kate 'Autumn Boxer' kit I had, and stitched it up this weekend:
The charted colors are all WDW, but I have very few of them - the only one I had from the thread list was Brick (the color used for the dark red apple in the basket). So I subbed mostly TGA, plus one variegated Artiste thread (used to stitch the basket).

I have one other unfinished Autumn design that I stitched last fall during my 'get back into cross stitching' marathon; I dug it out and I'll work on how to finish both in the next month or so. 'Autumn' by Tiny Modernist:
It's a freebie, you can find the pattern here.

Lastly, Blogger: I'm finding Blogger to be really frustrating. I like to hop online during slow moments at work, but for whatever reason, I can't comment on 95% of the blog posts I read. It asks me to select a profile to comment, but then won't actually let me select one. My phone is not one of the giant 'phablet' phones, so trying to read and comment on all of the blogs that way is a pain - I can't see much of the comment box when my keypad is on my screen. And after sitting at a computer all day, I hate getting back on the computer at home in the evenings.

I have to admit, I also find the whole thing about replying to comments via email weird, just because it's unfamiliar. All of my blogging in the past was on Livejournal, where if a conversation was going to pop up around a post, the conversation was had in the comments section, where other people could jump in if they want to. Ditto Facebook these days. So I'm still not in the habit of checking email regularly, and then I feel weirdly sneaky replying to comments via email instead of at the blog post.

However, even if replying at the post was expected, I couldn't, because I can't even comment ON MY OWN BLOG from my work computer. ARGH.

So basically I'm just having a flounce because life isn't convenient, and I'm going to get over it posthaste because I have a lot more to be grateful about than to be frustrated about.


Between work, stress, and sore hands/wrists, I am not getting much stitching done lately. I'm working on the next square of "Frolic...