Sunday, July 30, 2017

July Goals - Status/Pics

July Goals:
Finish Prairie Schooler 'August' (Stitch Maynia 2017 start)
Status: Finished! This took longer than expected.

Finish Mill Hill Flamingo (just needed beads)
Status: Finished!

Progress on Mill Hill Spring Robin (finish back-stitching)
Status:Finished! Completed the back-stitching and the beading.


Progress on Frosted Pumpkin Mysterious Halloween Town (finish p. 1, start p. 2)
Status: Ehhhhhh. I have just not been feeling this one. Putting it away until the next time I am in the mood to stitch something cute.

Progress on Tempting Tangles Feathers n Fins (Stitch Maynia 2017)
Status: Fail, no progress. :(

Progress on Bleeding Heart Pixie
Status: Progress made (no 'before' pic, because it was just one thread's worth of stitching). I REALLY love this. The last projects I stitched before (temporarily) giving up on cross stitch a few years ago were Lavender and Lace (Angel of Autumn and Nantucket Rose); there is something soothing about stitching folds of fabric created by gentle gradations of color. Plus I love the combination of oranges, yellows, white and blue.

Keep up with Faby Reilly Lizzie Stitching Wallet SAL
Status: Keeping up! The thick green back stitch is done with 6 strands of DMC, and while it creates a nice visual texture it is such a pain to stitch. I think that's largely the fault of the fabric, though - it's very stiff, which makes it extra difficult to pull multiple threads through the weave.

Start Summer Mouse House
Status: Started; haven't gotten terribly far, as I had to wait til I finished "August" before picking this up.

No purchases except DMC
Status: Spent $12.75, but I'm ok with that:
  • I thought I had enough black fabric to start a SAL thingie on Aug 1, but I didn't, so I had to purchase some. However, I had a 50% off coupon for Joann's, so I only spent $2.75!
  • I also picked up the Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue - I had budgeted to buy it in August at the Needlework Galleria, but spotted it at the bookstore and decided to get it, just in case no one had it at NG. $10

Unplanned activity
Two unplanned stitching projects - not a lot of at-home stitching time to work on the bigger things, so I grabbed a couple smaller things that were more portable.
  • Picked up Jolly Jack by All Through the Night (Stitch Maynia 2017 start) as my Halloween project. Not much progress yet; went from a bit of yellow + 4 rows of orange, to this:
  • And Merry Moose by Mill Hill had a few stitches put in it last November; I worked on it while house-sitting last weekend and I'm onto beading now.
August Goals:
  • Finish Prairie Schooler September (Maynia 2017 start)
  • Start/finish Satsuma Street Sorry We're Dead for FB Halloween SAL
  • Finish Just Nan Summer House (probably won't be able to finish, but going to try)
  • Progress on Tempting Tangles Feathers n Fins (Stitch Maynia 2017 start)
  • Progress on Nora Corbett Bleeding Heart Pixie
  • Keep up with Faby Reilly Lizzie Stitching Wallet SAL
  • Progress on Jolly Jack by All Through the Night (Stitch Maynia 2017 start)
  • Purchases: $90 budget for Needlework Galleria (I have a wish list. It includes display hardware for an FO, a fun green linen I saw last year and hope is still floating around somewhere this year, pattern/linen for a brand new Ink Circles design [I can't help it, it's an Egypt mandala!], and possibly specialty threads for a pattern that I have in my stash. I also would like more neutral linens in my stash, so I may pick up one or two.)
Ongoing Projects:
  • Just Nan's Mouse in a House series - goal is to actually get them all done within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Faby Reilly Lizzie Stitching Wallet - this is a stitch along that runs through October. Goal is to keep up with it.
  • Tempting Tangles Feathers n Fins - I love this, but stitching on 40 count is a challenge, so it's slow going. Goal is at least one or two threads per month.
  • Nora Corbett Bleeding Heart Pixie - I sort of accidentally started this; goal is at least one or two threads per month.
  • Stitch Maynia starts - the small designs will be take-to-work projects. The larger designs will be picked up as the mood strikes.

Friday, July 28, 2017

July Smalls SAL post

My July small for the Smalls SAL run by Heather of Stitching Lotus:
August, from Prairie Schooler's "Summer & Winter" (book 91). This was a Stitch Maynia 2017 start, stitched on thirty-something count Beachwalk by Under the Sea Fabrics, using the charted DMC. The only change I made was to swap the snail body color with the snail shell whorl color. As charted, the snail's body would have been the same color as the frog, which seemed weird to me.

Another small completed this month is Mill Hill's Flamingo:
I went ahead and finished it as a magnet, and will give it to my mom for her birthday in October.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Long-term WIP finish

Back in late 2014, I thought I would try to revive my cross stitch hobby, and purchased a Mill Hill kit from a stitch shop. The kit included perforated paper; I didn't think I'd like the look of the finished product on that, so I also bought a matching 28 count fabric.

I started the kit the following spring, and then stalled. As I got closer to finishing the stitching, I started dreading the beading. So it ended up in a drawer for a while.

But, after starting so many things for Stitch Maynia this year, I suddenly feel like I need to finish some things, and this one had been silently guilt-tripping me from its drawer for 2 years so into rotation it went.

And...*drumroll*...I finished it on Tuesday! I was going to take my time with it, but I hated the beading so much that I decided to just push through and finish it so I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. :D
"Spring Robin" by Mill Hill.

I don't know why I found the beading so aggravating. But now that I have had a couple of days to get over my aggravation, I can admit that the beads really do make it pretty. My favorites are the shimmery beads on the eggs and edges of the flower petals. And I love how the glint of light on the dark gray eye bead makes it look almost realistic.

I am definitely glad I stitched it on fabric. Perforated paper works great for things that are ultimately cut out (so you don't actually see much of the paper) but I don't think I would have liked having a big perforated paper border around the stitched area here.

SO pleased to have this one done.

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