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June Smalls SAL post

My June small for the Smalls SAL, run by Heather of Stitching Lotus.
This is from "Summer" by Country Cottage Needleworks. I have actually seen several iterations of this where people only stitch the top (leaving off the list of words). I did include the checkered band from the bottom of the design; I like the picnic-y reference (which is partly why I stitched an ant in the center of the band instead of the charted heart :D ).

It's stitched on "As You Wish" by Under the Sea Fabrics. The main color is a pretty blue - much closer to this in real life than what you see in the above picture. The soft wash of green on the bottom half of the stitched area gives it a sense of grass under a summer sky. Love it.

In place of the 2 charted overdyed threads, I used overdyed threads from my stash - DMC 4075 for the house/sun/bee hives, and GAST Baby Spinach for the grass/leaves.

I had actually planned to stitch this for July but it's been so flippin' hot here that…

Joyful World SAL - May

I finished May:
I only made a couple of small changes. The most noticeable are that I gave the kitties noses, changed the white bird to a bluebird, and stitched the mama cat's tail to hang down below the 'ground' (because kittehs don't follow teh rulez).

I don't foresee any changes to June at this point. I'd like to try to get June done this month, but since I'd have to neglect my other WIPs to do that I'm not sure it will happen...

Two small finishes

I'm working on the Joyful World SAL "May," Ink Circles "Village Square," and Satsuma Street "Happy Halloween," and I'm not sure how I like this whole thing where I do a lot of stitching but it still takes forever to finish something. :| This is why I take smalls to stitch on during my work lunchtime. Oh, the relief of a finish (or two)!

I finished one of the small designs from Prairie Schooler's "All Hallow's Eve." This is 3 over 2 on 28 count. I didn't stitch the word "Nevermore" as charted; I liked the focus being on the "oops" on the tombstone. :D
 I also finished a kit I picked up at Hobby Lobby steeply discounted after Christmas:
I like these little guys a lot! I made several changes from the chart, though. Here's a pic of the finish next to the kit's cover photo:
The main issues I wanted to 'fix' were the hat and the bunny's face. And then I also decided to do the back-stitching a…