Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Smalls SAL post

My small for the March Smalls SAL:
"A Little Gray Hare" by Lizzie Kate. The fabric is actually much more green than this picture makes it look. I made one small change - I gave the hare a poofy little cottontail with some ecru french knots. The pattern is a kit, and it does have finishing supplies, but I haven't finished it yet.

The threads that come with the kit are Weeks Dye Works. The leftover threads have already come in handy; I used a couple in "Spring Bunnies."

Other smalls completed this month:
In non-cross-stitching news, I started knitting a scarf. I picked up some cheap yarn since I'm still not a great knitter; it's a wool blend variegated yarn, and actually it's cooperating with me very nicely. My initial start on it was waaaaayyyy too wide, so I pulled it apart and started over, and look at this:
It's making a nifty criss-cross pattern all by itself! Thank you, yarn, you're making me look good.

I'm going to run out of this yarn before I finish the scarf, though, woops. There was only one skein of it available when I purchased it. I'm thinking though that I'll just get a coordinating gray to finish it off. Color-blocking is still on trend, right? :D

Monday, March 28, 2016

An F, an FF, and a WIP

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We were very relaxed around here, enjoying a Spring-y mix of sunny and warm-ish, rainy and chilly, and (of course) overnight frost. The weekend seemed to last an extra day, but at the same time it wasn't long enough.

I finished a wee thing yesterday:
It's from a recent Cross Stitch Crazy magazine. There are a bunch of small, colorful blackwork-style designs. I really like them, so I'll probably do more.

I also finish-finished a thing:
I finished the beading on this a week or so ago, but I just decided what to do with it yesterday. It's from a Mill Hill kit called "Tombstone," and comes with a magnet, but I left off the magnet and instead made a beaded hanger and backed it with felt to make it a little ornament.

I've also been working on something I started last weekend. Apparently even in the Spring I'm drawn to Halloween designs, because I'm doing another one:
It's a Satsuma Street design. The model is partly what sold me on the design, so my plan is to eventually finish it into a pillow as similar to that as I can get. But the design is bigger than I was somehow expecting, so I don't think I'll have it finished by Halloween. I like it though.

I also started my first actual knitting project (i.e., something that's not a dish cloth) - I picked up some inexpensive yarn and am making a scarf. So far (fingers crossed) I haven't made any mistakes. My plan is to knit a damn scarf and if I can manage that without it looking like a mangled, moth-eaten mess, I'll...well, probably knit another damn scarf, but with different kinds of stitches added in. My goal is to one day make a sweater. Or a little stuffed animal thing.

AND, a book I've been waiting on since last September was finally released. It did not disappoint. It's a fantasy (with some SF sensibilities), called "The Edge of Worlds" by Martha Wells.

Incidentally, if anyone out there enjoys truly original, deeply engaging SF/F with amazing world-building and characters who come alive regardless of how human-like they are (or are not), you NEED to track down this woman's books. For human worlds, look for "Death of the Necromancer" or the Fall of Ile-Rien series. For worlds that aren't human but are brilliantly crafted and just as easy to get into as any human-world story, look for the Books of the Raksura (start with "The Cloud Roads," partly because it's the first book and partly because it's amaaaaazing).

She's hard to find in stores, but you can find her on Kindle, and via Amazon (various countries) or

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I caved. But she's so pretty.

So...I had decided that since I was going to buy all of the required Gentle Arts threads for the Snowflower Diaries Joyful World SAL, the rest of my stitching would be from my stash.

Yeah, I've already fallen off that wagon.

So many people have been working on gorgeous Nora Corbett designs, and there's one that I've always liked, and I had to order some GA threads for the Joyful World 'April' design anyway, so I might have sort of ordered a Mirabilia pattern too?
Feather Fairy! This doesn't seem to be anyone else's Mirabilia pattern of choice (unless you all have already stitched it in the past?) but it's been my favorite ever since I first saw it. It's partly the mix of autumn colors with the rich blue and sparkly purple-blues, but also partly just her overall manner. I like her downcast gaze, like she's lost in thought, and the way she seems to be brushing her hands over her feathery skirt as it swishes while she walks.

I don't know when I'll actually start her, though I went ahead and ordered the Kreinik and the beads required. But I do like having her in my to-be-stitched collection. <3

Incidentally, my postman has delivered my last two 123stitch packages to the wrong house. >:( I only realized it because I'm a huge nerd and watch the package tracking on the USPS website and saw that it was recorded as 'delivered' when nothing had been left for me. I had to call the post office and they had to send the postman back to find it and redeliver it to me. If he mis-delivers the book I should be getting from Amazon this week too, there is going to be trouble! I will have strong words for him. Strong words! >:(

Friday, March 18, 2016

Neeeeeeed stitching time OMG

This week has allowed for very little stitching time. Very short lunches due to aggressive work project deadlines; not as much time in evenings due to things with friends and needing to finish my knitting assignment before my knitting class tomorrow. (Spoiler: I really suck at knitting.)

But this weekend, I am hoping to have a craft-along with a friend and her mom (they both crochet). And I'm sure I'll squirrel some time away to hunker down in my green chair and do some solitary stitching too. Cannot wait. There will be tea and snacks and probably rain pattering on my metal roof! Aw yis.

I did hit one March goal last weekend: finished the side borders and the foxes on my Tall Oaks birth announcement thingie that I'm making for my (17y/o) son. I also finished all of the back stitch for this section, and filled in the creepy empty zombie eyes on the squirrels, bird and owl. :D
I've rolled the fabric down to make room for the top border (words, a wee turtle, and a couple of acorns). That will be my April goal.

When I finished Spring Bunnies I needed a new take-to-work project, but I didn't have the time or energy to kit anything new up. Instead I rediscovered a project I started around this time last year, and worked on during my extensive 2015 work travel. It's Spring Robin from Mill Hill's Buttons and Beads series:
I've finally started on the robin, yay!

My weekend projects will be Snowflower Diaries' Joyful World "March," and one or two new starts. It occurred to me that maybe I should start early on at least one of the bigger fall patterns I want to do this year. Plus I have a couple of wee cute patterns I've been wanting to do.

Happy weekend!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Bunnies

Finished a spring pattern this weekend:

Spring Bunnies by Pattern Bird on Etsy.

It's on 32 count very light blue linen. I didn't use the charted colors. I had picked up some Artiste thread on sale at Hobby Lobby, and then used some scraps of Weeks from a finished kit. And a DMC.

Threads: Artiste "Morocco" and "Dawn Rose;" Weeks "Oscar," "Guacamole" and "Goldenrod;" and DMC 776.

I just noticed it looks a little wonky - I think I need to re-iron/re-block. Doh.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Finished & Framed

I finished Bless This Home - Mos Eisley edition, yasssssss. Framed it:

Hung it on the wall just inside my front door:

The pattern is by Hardcore StitchCorps on Etsy. I had previously completed 98% of the top portion (words and flower bands) before realizing I'd cut my fabric badly and mis-centered the pattern and wouldn't be able to fit the city on it. So I restarted from scratch. (Argh.) I am so happy to have finally finished it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February/March goals

How I did on my February goals:
  • finish something for the Smalls SAL done
  • Tall Oaks: finish the nest, left (words) and right side borders (words and acorns), and the foxes got started on one fox, but just barely. Didn't get the word on the right side border started yet.
  • Mos Eisley: finish the top of the design done! Started a bit on the bottom section as well.
  • Joyful World SAL: no goal this month (finishing 'February' will be my March goal) got stitching on 'February' after all of the work travel and finished it.
March goals:
  • finish something for the Smalls SAL Done
  • Tall Oaks: finish the foxes, left side border (word) Done
  • Mos Eisley: finish this sucker Done!
  • Joyful World SAL: stitch the border for March *sad trombone* Got started, but didn't make it far.
  • Other: finish the Mill Hill kit I started last month (needs beads) Done
The Mill Hill kit is "Tombstone" from the Autumn Harvest Collection.  

I grabbed it at the going-out-of-business sale at the cross stitch shop nearest me last December. It's not the best looking design, but I got it for just a couple of dollars and I wanted to re-learn how to do beading before I have to do it on a larger design that I really love (and don't want to screw up). Though, I have to admit that the more I work on it, the more I like it.



Between work, stress, and sore hands/wrists, I am not getting much stitching done lately. I'm working on the next square of "Frolic...