Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Smalls SAL post

My September small for the Smalls SAL, run by Heather of Stitching Lotus.

This is "Fangtastic" by Crafty Like a Fox on Etsy. Fabric is 32 count 'Dwarf' Belfast. I stitched the faces, hand, moon, and bats' eyes using glow-in-the-dark white thread (DMC E940).

I finished one other small this month, "Black Crow" by The Stitcherhood. I'm going to try to get these, plus "Happy Halloween," "Rats!" and one other Halloween small FFO'd before October 31. Fingers crossed....

My at-home stitching time has been somewhat limited, so I'm not going to finish this guy before the end of the month as I had hoped:
But I *think* I can get it done before Halloween. It's Cats on Parade by Blackbird Designs. I've got a Christmas pattern wanting to be started, but I must be strong and finish my cats first!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Halloween things, and sticker shock

A couple of Halloween creations:

This past Spring I made a rag wreath for my front door, and I liked it so much that I've now made a Halloween one.
Looooove it. Last weekend, Joann's had 60%, 50% and 18" wire wreath frame for $0.99 coupons, so I got almost everything for half of what I would have paid otherwise. The bow, I got a couple of weeks back at Michael's - had no idea what I was going to do with it, but had to have it. It was perfect for this.

I finished stitching the companion to "Rats!":
This is "Black Crow" by The Stitcherhood from the 2015 JCS Halloween magazine. I added (or subracted?) the wing outline because I thought he looked a little weird without it. Now to decide how to finish-finish them...

And, I got a new car. I went as low as I could on price while still getting what I wanted (a bit bigger than my old car, good gas mileage), but I'm still reeling. I'm not a fan of spending a whole lot of money, neither all at once nor as part of a loan, especially for something that's not cheap to maintain. On the other hand, it's my first new car in 22 years (I've been driving pre-owned, which is fine, but new is still a novelty), it's very pretty, and it drives so nicely. So I'm excited, and also stressed out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Clearly I need a second job to support my cross stitch habit

I'm about to 1) add my teenage son to my auto insurance & 2) get a new car (so that he can have my old one when he gets his license, and also because I have a very long commute and my poor old car is not quite as good at it anymore). He's going to pay for things like personal property tax, licensing, gas; but he's in his first year of college so he's not exactly making enough money to help pay for insurance yet.

So, no more buying** cross stitch patterns (among other things) for a while! Which is fine because I have lots and I should really try to make a dent in my stash, but saddening because I like buying new patterns.

**excluding gift certificate shopping, of course :D

As a last hurrah, I picked up two patterns on Stash Unload. I now have enough Halloween patterns to last the rest of my life, probably.

In the meantime I am furiously stitching autumn/Halloween patterns, because I have a couple more that I want to start & finish before Halloween happens/Christmas stitching begins but I won't start any more until the 2 WIPs are done.

I showed Cats on Parade recently; that's still coming along, but I took a short break to start this:
This is Bent Creek's "Gobble." I'm stitching it on 35 ct Spanish Moss (I think by WDW, but I got it from a leftovers bin at a LNS going out of business sale and info is incomplete). Using Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe threads (the dark brown, gold lettering, yellow, red and green are all from her recent Autumn Splendor line), GAST (the light brown on the turkey, and the dark orange) and DMC (the light orange). I chose mostly brighter colors than what the pattern called for.

I don't normally enjoy stitching samplers, but I thought this pattern was so cute. I don't have any Thanksgiving finishes, and I decided I neeeeeeded one. It's been a fairly quick stitch too.

EDIT: Finished last night:
 More specifics on the specialty threads I used:

VMSS: Roasted Chestnut, Autumn Prairie, Autumn Gold, Frost on the Pumpkin Vines, and Scarlet Oak (Autumn Prairie in particular seems to glow! The gold and scarlet seem to almost have a silken sheen to them too.)
GAST: Portabella, Fragrant Cloves

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Halloween finish, autumn finish-finish, and seasonal WIPs

I finished the Satsuma Street "Happy Halloween" design:
Not the best photo; it's actually stitched on white fabric, not gray. :)  I intend to turn it into a pillow along the lines of the model finish.

I finish-finished the little Tiny Modernist "Autumn" freebie (stitched last Fall):
I picked up the wreath, oak leaves and orange fabric at Joann's, and the glittery acorns at Michaels. I reeeeeeally like how it turned out!

And I have two seasonal WIPs (besides two non-seasonal WIPs, ahem). Here's a pic of "Cats on Parade" by BBD:
The fabric is so great, with the mottled oranges, though it's also weirdly fuzzy. No idea the color name or designer. The design is charted with 3371 (dark dark brown), but I decided to stitch it in all 310/black. I was really stressed out during the week before last, and stitching the fence pickets - up and down narrow columns of black over and over - was extremely soothing. :))

I also started Bent Creek's "Gobble" because I decided that since I have a Halloween finish I should also come up with a Thanksgiving finish before I start something Christmas-y.

A FFO and stuff

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