Finish, and flashback, and Blogger

I'm in the mood for all Autumn/Halloween all the time right now. I know stitching autumn-y stuff won't bring the cool weather any faster, but still!

I pulled out the Lizzie Kate 'Autumn Boxer' kit I had, and stitched it up this weekend:
The charted colors are all WDW, but I have very few of them - the only one I had from the thread list was Brick (the color used for the dark red apple in the basket). So I subbed mostly TGA, plus one variegated Artiste thread (used to stitch the basket).

I have one other unfinished Autumn design that I stitched last fall during my 'get back into cross stitching' marathon; I dug it out and I'll work on how to finish both in the next month or so. 'Autumn' by Tiny Modernist:
It's a freebie, you can find the pattern here.

Lastly, Blogger: I'm finding Blogger to be really frustrating. I like to hop online during slow moments at work, but for whatever reason, I can't comment on 95% of the blog posts I read. It asks me to select a profile to comment, but then won't actually let me select one. My phone is not one of the giant 'phablet' phones, so trying to read and comment on all of the blogs that way is a pain - I can't see much of the comment box when my keypad is on my screen. And after sitting at a computer all day, I hate getting back on the computer at home in the evenings.

I have to admit, I also find the whole thing about replying to comments via email weird, just because it's unfamiliar. All of my blogging in the past was on Livejournal, where if a conversation was going to pop up around a post, the conversation was had in the comments section, where other people could jump in if they want to. Ditto Facebook these days. So I'm still not in the habit of checking email regularly, and then I feel weirdly sneaky replying to comments via email instead of at the blog post.

However, even if replying at the post was expected, I couldn't, because I can't even comment ON MY OWN BLOG from my work computer. ARGH.

So basically I'm just having a flounce because life isn't convenient, and I'm going to get over it posthaste because I have a lot more to be grateful about than to be frustrated about.


Katie said…
Oh beautiful pieces. I love fall stitching.
Linda said…
Beautiful work, Amy! :)
Melinda Forbes said…
I wish I could help with the blogger frustration. I know I have to log into my Google+ account to be able to post on blogs if I am using chrome as my browser. But I don't know if that is the same as the problems you are having.
Von said…
Lovely Autumn stitching!
Stitching Noni said…
Great finishes :o)
I feel your pain re blogger... I also try to use slow minutes at work for blogging but blogger doesn't always play the game! I just sign in to my gmail and that setting tends to follow me the whole time I am trying to read blogs.
Hugs xx
Carol said…
Amy, I love the colors you chose for the LK piece--you did a great job... I wish I could help with your blogger issues. I am having computer issues in general (both with my desktop and iPad--only my phone seems to be working well) and they can be so frustrating. Many times, the so-called upgrades have us in worse shape!!

I really like your LK Boxer finish and the Autumn squirrel finish, Amy. Enjoy your weekend!
Brigitte said…
Lovely LK finish, Amy. I stitched this Autumn Boxer kit some years ago and was enjoying it a lot.