Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A first: biscornu!

I finished my first ever biscornu!

This is a pattern by Durene Jones posted as a freebie at the Lakeside Needlecrafts SAL Facebook group.

All supplies came from my stash. I used 32 count "Charcoal" evenweave; glow in the dark DMC & two Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe threads; and embellished with purple beads and two black 'crystal' beads. Beading the seams of the biscornu was probably not the best thing to do on my first attempt, but it eventually worked out.

So pleased with how it turned out:


  1. Great job! Biscornu are SO much fun to make!

  2. That's amazing - can't believe it's your first one!

  3. What a super finish! Good for you on stitching and putting together your first biscornu!

  4. How cute is that!! Great job, Amy :)

  5. Great job on a sweet design!!

  6. Looks awesome! I printed the pattern out. It's just too cool. Yours looks fantastic. Congrats!


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