Happy weekend to everyone - I hope it's being good to you!

I'm having a little bit of a stay-cation. I'm dog- and cat-sitting for some friends - we have a great arrangement that when I'm out of town, they watch my dog, and I reciprocate with their little herd of fur-babies. I decided to take advantage of the time and am spending non-pet-activity time stitching and reading. 

I also went to a movie today - Wonder Woman! It was amaaaaaaaazing. Gal Gadot is just fantastic. And Robin Wright plays General Antiope, which was very cool. She played Buttercup in The Princess Bride years ago. I saw a meme someone created, a photo of General Antiope and General Leia Organa captioned "I have lived to see my Princesses become Generals." YES. So awesome.

In the realm of stitchery, I've been thinking I need to rename this blog to "One Thread at a Time." That's about all I manage on any given day right now. It's one reason I decided to enjoy some stitching time this weekend.

I have one finish lately:
 This was a kit from the May 2016 Cross Stitch Crazy magazine. I love how it turned out.

EDIT: I meant to add that I did not use the Aida that came with the kit; I cut a scrap of 28 count white evenweave to the same size and used it with the provided threads. I was VERY glad I did that when I got to the back stitching - lots of coming up through the center of stitches that would have been unbelievably aggravating on Aida.

I've been working on Mysterious Halloween town, and I'm back to working on the Just Nan Spring Mouse House. I sort of semi-gave up on the Mouse House for a while, partly because my fabric appears to be 35 or 36 count instead of 32 (either shrunk in the dye process, or mis-labeled), and because losing Miss Pansy Mouse was a huge bummer.

But guess who turned up? Miss Pansy Mouse! She had somehow got put away with some threads. So I am again looking forward to finishing her house.

I got a new phone, so I tested out the camera by snapping pics of a couple of finishes I hadn't photographed yet. I finished and FFO'd the rabbits last year; finished and had the Japanese Hiragana Sampler professionally framed back in...February, I think.



Your finish is wonderful! I'm always so surprised at how lovely some of the freebies turn out!
Mary said…
Your finish and FFO's are very pretty.
Katie said…
Love your little ornament finish. Too cute. Your other pieces are fantastic too.
Julie said…
Love your bunnies, cute!
Melinda Forbes said…
I have to go see Wonder Woman now. I was debating, but now I am certain. Your small looks great, and it is so beautiful finished. Love the frame choices too.
Carol said…
Your new phone took some great photos! Love both of these framed finishes and your newest small finish is so sweet in that pretty turquoise frame, Amy!

I've heard Wonder Woman was really good--we haven't been to a movie in over a year. Perhaps it's time!
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