June Goals Status (with pics)

Midway through June I decided that maybe setting stitching goals AND holding myself accountable is a necessary part of Stitching from Stash. So. I'm going to try this "stitching goals" thing again. But with pictures this time! Because I like posting pictures.

Ongoing Projects:

OK, I have way too many of these. 
  • Just Nan's Mouse in a House series - goal is to actually get them all done within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Frosted Pumpkin Mysterious Halloween Town - whether finished or not, this will be out of rotation by end of September in favor of a Christmas design. So hopefully I can finish it by then.
  • Faby Reilly Lizzie Stitching Wallet - this is a stitch along that runs through October. Goal is to keep up with it.
  • Tempting Tangles Feathers n Fins - I love this, but stitching on 40 count is a challenge, so it's slow going. Goal is at least one or two threads per month.
  • Spring Robin - this is an old-ish WIP (started in 2014); shooting for an August finish.
  • Nora Corbett Bleeding Heart Pixie - I sort of accidentally started this; goal is at least one or two threads per month.
  • Stitch Maynia starts - the small designs will be take-to-work projects. I hope to finish one of the larger designs by the end of the year (Not a Creature Was Stirring by Lizzie Kate).
Monthly Status:

June Goal: Finish Floral Frame Kit
Status: Finished!

June Goal: Finish June Bugs
Status: Finished!

June Goal: Finish Spring Mouse House
Status: Finished!

June Goal: Progress on Mysterious Halloween Town
Status: Progress made

June Goal: Progress on Whimsical Advent Calendar (this one will be going into the 'on hold' pile; just not appealing to me right now)
Status: No progress. Still here:

June Goal: Progress on Feathers n Fins
Status: Progress made (the progress made in June = the numbers, the partial cat tail above the numbers, and the bit below the numbers)
BEFORE (minus some May progress):

June Goal: Progress on Spring Robin
Status: Progress made (main stitching finished; needs back-stitching and beads)

June Goal: Start/Finish Summer Mouse
Status: Started/Finished!

June Goal: Start Lizzie Stitching Wallet by Faby Reilly
Status: Started (1st part released June 19)

June Goal: No purchases except DMC
Status: Fail. $26 spent on patterns, argh, $22 on fabric/specialty thread/beads, argh. Some DMC purchases too, of course.

Unplanned activity: Started Bleeding Heart Pixie, woops? No picture, because I've only put one thread into it.

July Goals:
  • Finish Prairie Schooler 'August' (this was a Stitch Maynia start)
  • Finish Mill Hill Flamingo (just needs beads)
  • Progress on Mill Hill Spring Robin (finish back-stitching)
  • Progress on Frosted Pumpkin Mysterious Halloween Town (finish p. 1, start p. 2)
  • Progress on Bleeding Heart Pixie
  • Progress on Tempting Tangles Feathers n Fins
  • Progress on Faby Reilly Lizzie Stitching Wallet
  • Start Summer Mouse House
  • No purchases except DMC


It looks like setting goals helped to keep you focused on what you wanted to accomplish. Good for you! I look forward to seeing where you are at the end July.
Justine said…
Well done on achieving most of your June goals. I love the Strawberry Mouse and the Mouse House too!
Carol said…
Really loved your picture-filled post, Amy--especially those cute JN Mouse creations. They are adorable! Hope your July goals are easily met. I am not a goal-setter (other than my ornament a month goal which I am failing miserably at this year :)

Happy 4th to you!