Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mayni-ack, missing mouse, and flooding

I have hit my Stitch Maynia 'start' limit. I'm beginning to feel a little anxious about having so many WIPs, and can't bring myself to start anything else. But the other kitted projects will remain on deck; I may grab one for a start as I finish projects, so that I don't just abandon them. Pics of my final starts to come.

In other stitching news, Miss Pansy Mouse is missing. :((  The two possible culprits are myself (did I move her somewhere else thinking she would be safer and I've just...forgotten? This is my brain on stress) or my middle cat who likes to hunt and kill and play with my things (i.e., socks, jewelry, DMC skeins - anything I leave where he can get at it, except that he's always surprising me by getting at things I think are out of his reach). I really hope I find her soon.

I'm still not finished with her house. Stitch Maynia got in the way. But I've picked it back up again. I've ordered Summer Mouse in a House, as well as the charted fabric, and I should be getting it all this week. I won't start that one until June, though.

Last week, I worked from home due to flooding in the area. I live in Missouri, USA, and my town is on the Missouri River. Most of my town is uphill, so there was very little water/damage in town. However, flooding closed the highway across the river. It also close the interstate between my location and my work, so I was kind of stuck. The only other option was to spend 3 - 5 hours detouring with everyone else. I'm very grateful that my manager is flexible about letting me work from home in situations such as that.

Here is a photo of our downtown riverfront area, taken from the river bridge. There are 3 parking lots under water in this photo.
And then since the highway was closed on the other side of the river, people were able to walk across the bridge; this is a photo of the flooded side of the river, featuring the new bridge construction site, and farmland in the background.
I did not take these photos; they're from our local newspaper's website.

This is the second major flood in less than two years. People who had just gotten homes repaired or rebuilt have lost everything again.


  1. Oh, how sad to read about the flooding... It seems so unfair that some areas keep getting flooded time after time. I know I would have to move to higher ground. Let's hope the sun comes out to stay for a while...

    I know I could never do Stitch Maynia--I really can only handle one small project and one large at a time or my brain gets too mushy!

  2. I hope you find your missing mouse. What a dreadful thing for your area with the flooding; very sad for those who will have to rebuild again. Wishing you a dry weekend!

  3. I am lucky to never have experienced any flooding. It always looks so frightening to me. So much water. Glad you are okay, and lucky to be able to work from home. Fingers crossed you find your Mouse..

  4. How sad the flooding looks, mother nature can be so cruel


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