Thursday, April 20, 2017

Scroll past the words if you just want to see the stitching :)

This starts out with some sort of gloomy navel-gazing. I think I just needed an outlet? But then there is stitchy stuff at the end! So it's not all a waste of pixels! :D


It crossed my mind last night that I don't mull over bright, unnecessary things as much lately. In free moments, my mind tends to wander down a lane cluttered with depressing and frightening current events, things that are going wrong that are out of my control, random angry or sad things, worries and uncertainties, and, like, reminders of housework that needs to be done.

I miss taking detours down mental garden paths. I miss fun fictional characters who've grabbed my attention, delightful snippets of the world around me, hopeful glimpses of the future. Yadda.

Not that my brain was all fun and games before last summer - hah! No. LOLOLOL. But I haven't been quite this unhappy in years.

The reasons are external things that I am, I guess, internalizing. And I think I'm having a mid-life crisis. Not even factoring all of the terrible & embarrassing things going on in my country, I'm struggling with looking at another 20 years, at least, of work that I don't particularly enjoy but need because life is expensive and I only have my income to depend on.

And, I have been adulting like crazy at home lately. Making dinner! Doing all the dishes! Almost keeping up with laundry! Watering the garden! Going to bed at a reasonable hour! Tidying things! Etc! Which means that I have maybe 20 minutes of 'me-time' in the evening, not much time to do the small, pleasurable things.

I'm almost wondering if the people who have always told me that having my domestic space in order would make me more happy than slacking off to do fun things does...were totally wrong.


I've been making a point to pick up stitching most evenings. Even if I just put in one thread's worth of stitches, it helps me still feel like I'm making progress on something I enjoy. My at-home project is Mysterious Halloween Town by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I'm roughly here-ish:
Since taking this picture, I've stitched a little more grass (beneath the block of lavender on the left), filled in the last few teal stitches in the three teal blocks, and stitched a bit of white above the lavender and teal.

My mostly-at-work project is Just Nan's Spring Mouse in a House. I finished the mouse a couple weekends ago, and am working on the house. I've got two sections done:
It was weird stitching them upside down. But they're super cute.


  1. Navel-gaze away - it's your blog! I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I have depression and it sounds very similar to the thoughts you've been having. Have you spoken to anyone about it?

    That said, sometimes the hamster wheel of work/housework could just be grinding you down. Have you any time off to come?

    Your projects are lovely as always! xx

  2. What fun projects you are working on! I really like the colors in The Frosted Pumpkin piece.

  3. I think we're all feeling a bit worried and uncertain these days, Amy--it's a tough climate and I think everyone has periods like you are going through. I went through a rough time during a bad winter a few years ago and started keeping a gratitude journal--simply writing down three things each day that did bring me a smile. Some days it was hard to find even one. But, it did help and after 6 months I stopped feeling the need to write things down... Every now and then I pick it up and glance through it and like the memories that those three simple daily thoughts bring back :)

    I do love your stitching--glad you are trying to get in some each day. I need to get back to that myself!

  4. I feel your pain too. I find the whole political landscape terrifying quite frankly.
    My solution is to immerse myself in my stitching and the blog world. There's always kindness and love going on there. I try to avoid FB apart from one or two groups which really does help too.
    I adore these little Just Nan creatures too, so much fun to have a whole menagerie of them!

  5. Sweet Just Nan you are creating. For me, I have to have a little crafting time to finish off the day before I go to bed. I was once told that you should think a postitive thought from the day before you go to sleep and that way your enter sleep state in a postitive frame of mind and hopefully wake feeling brighter each day. Take care x



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