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Thank you to those who commented on my previous post. You are lovely. I will reply today!

Onward to a better week, yes?

I set aside a big block of time yesterday evening for stitching and relaxing, rather than doing housework (guilt-free, because I cut the grass and did a couple loads of laundry right after work). It was great. Self-care is a good thing.

I was not in the mood for Halloween, and I'm a bit cranky about how messy my over-1 stitches are on the first bird of the Just Nan Spring House (first time doing over 1 on 32 count - I should have waited til I had better light). So I started next month's Smalls SAL project. I picked a pattern from the new Just Cross Stitch magazine:
I'm doing the 4-square pattern, but in brighter colors. It's probably going to look more like "Hello Summer" when it's done.

I have decided to do the May starts challenge on the Stitch Maynia Facebook group - 15 starts in the first 15 days of May. I've been making myself stick to my two WIPs, with breaks only for the Smalls SAL projects; but I think a bit of manic start-crazy-ness will feel great right now.  

I picked things I have all or most of the supplies for. The benefit is that in the future, when I want to pick up a new project but am not feeling up to doing all of the pre-work (picking out a pattern/fabric/threads, finding the center & putting in the first stitch - the hard stuff, right?) I will be able to just grab something out of my bin of Maynia starts and stitch away.

My selection:
Row 1:
June Bugs by Pine Mountain Designs; Butterflies Biscornu by Seba Designs; 'August' from Summer and Winter by Prairie Schooler; Jolly Jack by All Through the Night; Where Did I Put My Broom by Dark Crosses

Row 2:
'September' from Spring and Fall by Prairie Schooler; square design from Pumpkin Potpourri by Scissor Tail Designs; Holmesy Hare Winter Wonderland by Stitchers Anon; Winter Awwwwwe by Needle Bling Designs; Not a Creature Was Stirring by Lizzie Kate

Row 3:
Very Merry Winter by JBW Designs; Unstoppable by Daily Cross Stitch; Four de Lys by Ink Circles; ornament from Where there are Bees by Prairie Schooler; Feathers 'n Fins by Tempting Tangles

Another benefit of this: several patterns are ones I've had for a couple of years, so now I won't have to feel guilty about leaving them languish unstarted.


  1. So glad you set aside some time just for yourself, Amy! Everyone needs that from time to time :)

    I just notice those cute JCS charts in the magazine at work yesterday--really think I'll stitch them both (or at least one of them) very soon. I think I need to follow your lead and kit up some things to have at the ready. Being a one-at-a-time stitcher is getting harder for me as there are times when I just don't feel like working on my current project so no stitching gets done. Perhaps if I had a variety to choose from I wouldn't have that problem!

    Enjoy your evening--and I hope this weekend proves relaxing for you!

  2. Good for you on taking some guilt-free time for yourself, Amy! You have picked some super projects for the May starts. I look forward to seeing your small 4 square piece.

  3. Nice choice you'll have once you start those lovely designs.

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Self-care is so important! I really think stitching stops me from going mad sometimes.

    Good luck with Stitch Maynia, you've made some lovely choices.


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