Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Screeching in just under the wire

At lunch today I put the last few stitches into a birthday gift due on Friday. Started this on Jan 2 because I have bad judgement.
This is "Woolen Sheep" by the Cricket Collection, stitched 2 over 1 on some kind of super low count rough natural linen. So natural, in fact, that it has scratchy fibers poking out of the threads in places. O_o

I bought the pattern at an LNS and requested the charted linen, but they gave me this by mistake. By the time I realized this fabric was far too low a count to fit the project as charted, the LNS was going out of business so I couldn't exchange it. It's essentially the right color, though, and once I decided to stitch over 1, the design fit. The very loose weave did make over 1 stitching even more treacherous than usual - the threads wanted to vanish under every fabric thread.

I counted wrong in one spot, but had gotten so far along by the time I noticed that I just didn't have time to frog it. I fudged a couple more things to hopefully cover the mistake.

I can't WAIT to move on to something else, but between work and feverishly stitching this thing in hand without being able to use the sewing method (both because of the ridic fabric), my elbow and shoulder are killing me. So time for a short stitching break. :(

But yay it's done. I'll frame it over the next couple of days, probably in a shadow box frame.


  1. Such a great design, I know a few sheep lovers who would be thrilled with it. Well done.

  2. Sorry to hear it was a pain but it turned out fantastic. Congrats on having it done!

  3. I love the sheep in this piece. Sorry the fabric was a nuisance to stitch on. Way to go on getting it finished, Amy! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. What a shame you had a few fabric issues... The end result is gorgeous though :)

  5. These are such cute sheep - the recipient is going to love, love, love them.



Between work, stress, and sore hands/wrists, I am not getting much stitching done lately. I'm working on the next square of "Frolic...