Last minute Halloween FFOs

Happy Halloween!

I managed to FFO a few of my Halloween smalls this afternoon:
Here's Rats! and Black Crow, both by The Stitcherhood, from the 2016 & 2015 JCS Halloween issues. They're posing by my favorite Halloween decorations, handmade dolls I bought over the years at a local art/craft fair. Here's Rats! close up:
He's mounted on a little wooden Halloween craft ornament I got deeply discounted at Michaels last week.

And I got the Spooky Friends FFO'd! These guys are by Crafty Like a Fox:
My glittery orange Styrofoam skull is very pleased with his new friends.

VERY happy to have those out of my 'unfinished' drawer.

I hope you all have a fun, safe Halloween!


Carol said…
Such great finishes, Amy!! Those Spooky Friends are a hoot! And I like the way you mounted the rat on the wood, too. Hope you are having a fun Halloween night--trick or treat is almost over here... Had 17 so far--almost a record :)
Brigitte said…
Great, your Halloween decoration. These lovely pieces were worth finishing and not hiding in the drawer.
Julie said…
Super halloween decorations, great choice with stitching on the blue fabric, that does make the folks stand out well.
What fun finishes you created, Amy! Good for you!
Melinda Forbes said…
Love all your FFO's. I just love Halloween decorations!
Justine said…
What brilliant finishes! You really have a great display there.