I caved. But she's so pretty.

So...I had decided that since I was going to buy all of the required Gentle Arts threads for the Snowflower Diaries Joyful World SAL, the rest of my stitching would be from my stash.

Yeah, I've already fallen off that wagon.

So many people have been working on gorgeous Nora Corbett designs, and there's one that I've always liked, and I had to order some GA threads for the Joyful World 'April' design anyway, so I might have sort of ordered a Mirabilia pattern too?
Feather Fairy! This doesn't seem to be anyone else's Mirabilia pattern of choice (unless you all have already stitched it in the past?) but it's been my favorite ever since I first saw it. It's partly the mix of autumn colors with the rich blue and sparkly purple-blues, but also partly just her overall manner. I like her downcast gaze, like she's lost in thought, and the way she seems to be brushing her hands over her feathery skirt as it swishes while she walks.

I don't know when I'll actually start her, though I went ahead and ordered the Kreinik and the beads required. But I do like having her in my to-be-stitched collection. <3

Incidentally, my postman has delivered my last two 123stitch packages to the wrong house. >:( I only realized it because I'm a huge nerd and watch the package tracking on the USPS website and saw that it was recorded as 'delivered' when nothing had been left for me. I had to call the post office and they had to send the postman back to find it and redeliver it to me. If he mis-delivers the book I should be getting from Amazon this week too, there is going to be trouble! I will have strong words for him. Strong words! >:(


Katie said…
Oh I don't blame you at all she is beautiful!! I never get on a wagon since I know I'll buy something if I see it and want it bad enough haha. Sorry your mailman did that. Our mail here is almost always wrong. We've had to call and complain more times than I can count. Very frustrating. I appreciate what mail people do but slow down and do the job right.
Justine said…
She's beautiful - one of my favourites too!
Melinda said…
So glad you tracked your delivery. Reminds me I am waiting for something I have not received. Looking forward to watching Your WIPS of your Fairy.
Feather Fairy is lovely! I think I'd change the brown feathers to emerald green to go with the lovely bright blue!
Glad the parcels arrived safely eventually!