New start for February

Even though I have three projects in work (Tall Oaks, Joyful World SAL & Mos Eisley) I went ahead and started something new. And it's not my small for this month's Smalls SAL.

I have good reasons though. I can't settle on what fabric to use for my February small; but I'm traveling for work for a couple of weeks this month and need something portable to work on. Those are good reasons, right?

This is the Alsatian Redwork Heart from the Jan/Feb 2016 Just Cross Stitch magazine. I'm using DMC overdyed floss, but 107 (pinks) instead of 115 (crimsons) as called for, because I want it to be a February heart as opposed to a Christmas heart. I'm stitching 1 over 1 on 28 count antique white lugana, and it is SO TINY AND CUTE. This may end up being my small for the month, if I don't have a chance to do anything else.

Speaking of the Smalls SAL, I've really enjoyed seeing all of the projects people have done, and discovering new blogs and stitchers. I've been trying to go through each of the entries and comment, though I tend to get distracted by looking through the blogs themselves so it's slow going.

Happy February, all.


Lovely start! I look forward to seeing more of it.
Julie said…
Tiny stitching is always so lovely, yours looks superb.
Katie said…
I love starting new pieces haha so your reason sounds perfect to me. Whatever excuse you need to make. Love the color you picked! Can't wait to watch it grow. I love tiny stitching too. Good luck!