January goals/February goals

Tracking and setting goals: drudgery at work, much more fun for cross stitching.

How I did on my January goals:
  • finish something for the Smalls SAL done
  • finish the top of the reboot of Bless This Home - Mos Eisley Edition (this is my take-to-work project) *sad trombone* did not get this done
  • finish the tree, leaves, and critters in the tree on Tall Oaks done, and started on the nest & the words
  • stitch the border, word, and flowers on the Joyful World SAL 'January' pattern  finished 'January' altogether, and started the border of 'February'
Not bad!

For February I'm not expecting to make much progress on WIPs. I will be traveling 2 weeks out of the month, and unfortunately my housemates won't be interested in keeping up the evening stitching for me. ;)

February goals:
  • finish something for the Smalls SAL done
  • Tall Oaks: finish the nest, left and right side borders (words and acorns), and the foxes
  • Mos Eisley: finish the top of the design done!
  • Joyful World SAL: no goal this month (finishing 'February' will be my March goal) got stitching on 'February' after all of the work travel and finished it
I don't have a goal for the Alsatian Redwork heart, because right now it's just something to take along on my travel to occupy me during flights and any rare quiet evenings I end up with. Not clue how much time I'll actually be able to spend on it, so no point in setting a goal.

I've made progress on Tall Oaks this week, though. Cannot for the life of me get a decent picture of it, but this is what it looks like so far, plus a close-up of the critters:

It all looks very beige-y in the photos, but overall it's a bit brighter in real life. It's on antique white lugana, and while the colors are muted, there are a few pops of color that don't translate well in the photos. For example, the words are a nice, soft blue, and the top and bottom leaves are definite shades of green (the middle leaves are the only ones with a brownish cast to them).

The one thing I might change is the eyes - I get kind of a zombie vibe off the empty, stitchless eyes, so I may go with dark brown or black for the squirrels and bird, and yellow for the owl. The foxes that sit at the base of the tree have black eyes, and I definitely like that better.


Way to go on accomplishing all that you wanted with your stitching!No, sad trombones either because if I remember correctly, you did get Bless This Home re-started.
Katie said…
Great job on your goals and I wish you lots of luck on your new month goals. Beautiful stitching! Pictures never do our stitching justice.
Julie said…
Well done on your progress, wishing you well for this month too.
Smily said…
Nice progress, looks very natural
Greetings from Hungary,
The tree is looking great. I do agree with you about the eyes!
I also love your Mos Eisley design too.