A little heart, and a little fox

I finally got the rest of the Gentle Arts threads I had ordered for January and February of the Snowflower Diaries Joyful World SAL, and I made a lot of progress. Actually, I finished January. :D

I really like these patterns, though they are a challenge. I've never used quite this high a count fabric before, and my eyes aren't as good as they used to be. I had to use pins to help me count the long rows of stitches; I had to REALLY pay attention as I was stitching (I had to frog the tall flower stem twice because I was watching tv while stitching and messed up); I stitched over three on accident several times; and man, the eyelet stitch was tedious. My first time doing eyelet stitches, though. I think they turned out all right.

I'm looking forward to starting February!

Meanwhile, I put aside Mos Eisley and worked on a small heart thingie this past week. It's a freebie by Barbi from here. I'm not super happy with the colors. If I stitch it again, I'll choose different colors - brighter colors. But it's still a sweet little design.

More first-time stitches: satin stitch, and woven spider wheel stitch.

If I have any time to stitch tomorrow, I'm going to try to finish the last couple of leaves on Tall Oaks.


Katie said…
Oh Congrats on finishing January. Too cute! Love the heart!! I just might have to save that pattern.
Von said…
You did a marvelous job finishing up January so quickly!
Justine said…
Lots of firsts for you! I love the heart and have been sorely tempted by that cute fox who is popping up everywhere at the moment!
Julie said…
It's always nice to learn new stitches, you did a great job on these finishes.
Marie said…
Congrats on two lovely finishes. January block is cute. I like designs with specialty stitches, Drawn thread designs often have them.
Our photos said…
Thanks for the freebie Links!