Many questions, and an in-progress collection of answers

Ok, not being able to walk into a shop and hand the shop lady my pattern and say "I need some fabric and stuff for this, help?" requires Knowledge. Particularly when the pattern says, essentially, 'use some kind of 28 count linen in a shell sort of color.' And there are roughly a million types of linen and none of the colors are called 'shell.'

And then there are the thread/thread conversion questions! Yay for having old patterns that used discontinued thread types/brands (not really yay in the slightest, argh). Also, patterns in general could be more specific (I'm looking at you, patterns that refer to Wisper and Nordic Gold, without bothering to mention that they're Rainbow Gallery threads).

All hail Google. This will be my post for collecting helpful links for future reference.


Katie said…
I personally love evenweave fabric instead of linen. It's more smooth and easy to stitch on. is a fantastic online store to use. Good luck!
Justine said…
Another vote for evenweave! I love Fabric Flair as the fabric is gorgeous to work on and they have really pretty colours.