Argh, and Christmas Ornaments

I got the blending filament from 123 Stitch that I need for my Crossed Wing snowmen, and put a few stitches of snow in last night. I'm not thrilled with the result. The piece is 2 over 2, and I added one strand of blending filament to the two strand of floss, but the stitches look bulky and untidy. But with just one strand of floss, the coverage isn't very good. I'm going to try pulling the stitches tighter and see if that helps, or if I end up with gaps between all of the lines.*grump*

On a less grumpy note, I thought I'd post a couple of the few needlework ornaments I have on my Christmas trees. I have a couple my grandma made several decades ago; two Christmas cats stitched by a co-worker many years ago for me; and two I made myself. It seems that cross stitch bloggers I've been reading have many, many more than that, but I plan to add to my collection over time too. :)

Here are the two I made, from Dimensions Wire Whimsy kits:

Dimensions Wire Whimsys
The reindeer has been on my tree for the past 10 or so Christmases, but the snowman I only recently discovered in the bottom of my basket o' cross stitch stuff. He was completely stitched, but I hadn't cut him out and assembled him yet. He's on my small red tree up in my 'library' - the tree is new to me this year (my mom was going to sell it at a garage sale over the summer, but it came home with me instead), and it was kind of fun to pick a few ornaments especially for it.

I also did a Wire Whimsy Christmas angel for my parents back when I stitched the reindeer, and one of the cross stitched cats the friend made is a Wire Whimsy too. They're really cute, but the kits only seem to be available on eBay and other resale venues, so I guess they're not being made anymore.

Luckily I found another unstitched kit (a flying Santa) in my basket o' cross stitch stuff, so I have another one to stitch yet.

Beneath the reindeer you can catch a glimpse of one of my grandma's ornaments:

 It's a little four-sided ornament with a candle stitched on it in needlepoint.


Katie said…
Oh I love the wire whimsy kits. I've seen a few on 123stitch but not many. Your Grandma's ornament is too cute.
Justine said…
Those ornaments are lovely! I've never heard of the wire whimsy kits but I really like them, they're so colourful.
Your Grandma's ornament is lovely. What a special thing to have on your tree.
The ornies are lovely. Is the snowman a Joan Elliott?
I love that you have your Grandma's candle on the tree too.
With the blending filament, could you stitch the two strands of cotton thread and then add the filament on top afterwards?
Deb said…
Haven't stitched a whimsy kit. Love your stitching. Adorable! Have you tried #4 Kreinik 032 pearl braid for your snow? On its own without strands of floss. Sometimes that will settle on the fabric better.
I have my mums tree, too. Nearly 40 years old. Nice to pass down traditions!