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Drive-by thread post

You guys, Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe thread is amazing. I ordered from her for the first time, and just received the threads, and wow.
Look at those colors! And they're 20 yard skeins; each costs about the same as a 5 yard skein of GAST. My selection of GAST and WDW threads looks painfully puny next to these guys, particularly given how much I've spent on them.

*flaily hands of glee*

EDIT: This is the Autumn Splendor collection. :)

August Smalls SAL post

My August small for the Smalls SAL, run by Heather of Stitching Lotus.
I stitched up "Rats!" from the Just Cross Stitch 2016 Halloween issue, pattern by The Stitcherhood. It's on a hand-dyed 14 count Aida, dyer unknown. I received the fabric in a stitchy exchange run by Under the Sea Fabrics, though it doesn't seem to be a UtS fabric. :D

I plan to do a few little Halloween silhouette patterns on this fabric, and then finish them all as ornaments. I've already started a second Stitcherhood pattern, from the JCS 2015 Halloween issue, "Black Crow."

On the theme of Halloween, I've made progress on "Happy Halloween":
In fact, I've made even more progress since I took this photo. I fixed the right-side gray border of the box with the pink vertical stripes and finished a small box next to it; I finished the green box below the lower case 'a', and started the 'H' at the beginning of the word 'Halloween.'

I've made s…

Two things. Wait, no, three.

R.e. a couple of responses to my Blogger issues: I do remain logged into Gmail and Google+, but it doesn't seem to...I don't know, be recognized? by Blogger. I've even tried manually logging in via the Blogger reply function, but that doesn't work either. It's really weird. I might look into using OpenID - see if I can reply that way without ending up as a no-reply commenter.

Why so difficult, technology? :(

And, I wanted to share something that I'm super giddy about, because stitchers are pretty much the only people I 'know' who won't look at me funny.

I had a stressful week (not the thing I'm giddy about) and I did some therapy shopping (ok, not giddy about that either), and I bought some stitching stuff.

I found the Lizzie Kate "Hats Off to Halloween" (first version) on a stash sale Facebook page for $5, and I snapped it up. Yay! It's this one:
Isn't it cute?? I've been wanting it forever.


Finish, and flashback, and Blogger

I'm in the mood for all Autumn/Halloween all the time right now. I know stitching autumn-y stuff won't bring the cool weather any faster, but still!

I pulled out the Lizzie Kate 'Autumn Boxer' kit I had, and stitched it up this weekend:
The charted colors are all WDW, but I have very few of them - the only one I had from the thread list was Brick (the color used for the dark red apple in the basket). So I subbed mostly TGA, plus one variegated Artiste thread (used to stitch the basket).

I have one other unfinished Autumn design that I stitched last fall during my 'get back into cross stitching' marathon; I dug it out and I'll work on how to finish both in the next month or so. 'Autumn' by Tiny Modernist:
It's a freebie, you can find the pattern here.

Lastly, Blogger: I'm finding Blogger to be really frustrating. I like to hop online during slow moments at work, but for whatever reason, I can't comment on 95% of the blog posts I read. It …